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Looking for automatic driving lessons? Then read on…..
Welcome! So you or someone you know is embarking on an exciting adventure: learning to drive automatic in Gloucester or Cheltenham.
Or perhaps that adventure has already started and the pressure is on… the driving test is booked and it’s time to get test ready!
Worry not. We can help take the pressure off…
Or maybe you’re just wondering “How much are automatic driving lessons in Gloucester and Cheltenham?”
It’s a good question. Cost is important. No one wants to waste money. Which is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee to all our new students so you can feel safe putting your trust in us when you book with one of our driving instructors

Driving Lessons Gloucester -  Now taking new bookings for automatic
"...The methods of teaching were just what I needed, an all round superb driving instructor."

Everyone loves driving. So why should learning to drive be any different? Not at Mike Williams Driver Training in Gloucester and Cheltenham. Here a lifetime of confident driving begins with your first hour behind the wheel.

Rated as one of the best driving schools in Gloucester and Cheltenham, we specialise in putting learner drivers - first timers as well as people who have had bad experiences elsewhere - at their ease. If you are feeling anxious about learning to drive, we would love to convince you that driving tests and traffic in Gloucester and Cheltenham, are not as intimidating as they seem. Mike Williams Driver Training has helped hundreds of clients to pass their driving test, or learn advanced driving techniques.

Do you want to learn to drive automatic with a calm and professional driving instructor and be a part of the high 1st TIME pass rate?


You are offered advice on the Hazard Perception and Theory Test, and share our years of experience with you, with a friendly and relaxed approach.
Even if you’re nervous, call today and the lovely team will put you at ease and help you understand the process - step by step.

Driving Lessons Gloucester -  Now taking new bookings for automatic
"I liked the way Mike would talk through situations as we could see them coming up. Asking me what I thought the best course of action was or just mentioning potential hazards..."

Our Know-How

With an outstanding knowledge of the local area, a wealth of experience and quality training; our instructors will support you through each and every step of this exciting new adventure. The instructors at Mike Williams Driver Training design a programme of automatic lessons especially for you and will ensure to take things at a pace that suits you. You have a guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in what is on offer.

Driving Lessons Gloucester -  Now taking new bookings for automatic
"Learning to drive with Mike was totally different to the instructors I had previously had. Mike was very well organised and made sure that during and at the end of each lesson I had feedback on where I could improve..."

So how do you pass YOUR driving test 1st time?

Everyone wants to pass their driving test 1st time and as soon as possible. Passing the driving test is a ‘life changer’. It gives you a wider opportunity and also the freedom to go as you please... wouldn’t you agree? Your instructor will work with you to ensure you are getting the most out of every driving lesson to ensure you are test ready at a pace that suits you.

Driving Lessons Gloucester -  Now taking new bookings for automatic
"...brilliant, very calming and inspired confidence. Everything was made really clear to understand .we started driving on the first lesson and it really boosted my confidence."

So how do you become a safe driver?

During your driving lessons we will help you take on board all skills needed to become a safe and competent driver. Before you know it, you will be at the standard required to pass that ‘life changing’ test and become a safer driver on the roads afterwards. Mike Williams Driver Training is here to make it happen for you. When does it start? Straight away, on your very 1st lesson and that is a guarantee!
So how can YOU make this happen? Pick up the phone and let’s start this journey together.

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...don’t hang around, do it NOW!

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My Mission is to get You to Pass your Test 1st Time!
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