Intensive Course T&Cs

 Terms, Conditions and Obligations

  1. Deposit to be paid at time of booking. All Courses have a deposit of £350.
  2. The balance of fees to be paid 14 days before commencement, unless by special arrangement.
  3. Payment is taken by Bank Transfer.
  4. Because of the long waiting list for Practical Driving Tests, please have your own Test booked, and we will aim to arrange the Course around that date, subject to availability.

     We cannot be held responsible for any test cancellations made by the DVSA. The DVSA will offer an alternative date. We cannot refund course fees with regard to any cancellation made by the DVSA.

You will have the same car and same instructor throughout the course, but if unforeseen circumstances prevail (instructor illness/bereavement, or mechanical failure) we will endeavour to arrange another car/instructor. If we’re unable to do this, we will either make alternative arrangements to complete the course at a later date or refund any unused portion of the fees including test fee.

The Driving Instructor, whilst conducting the driving course, will at all times work within the bounds of the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency’s Code of Conduct.

The Driving Instructor’s car is fitted with dual controls and has fully comprehensive insurance for tuition purposes.

We will not be liable for any failure of the School Vehicle during tuition or the practical driving test unless it is a direct result of negligence on the part of the Instructor. However all reasonable efforts will be made to provide a replacement vehicle for the purpose of tuition or test. If a pupil is unable to go for his/her test because of mechanical failure of tuition vehicle, we will arrange and pay for another driving test as soon as one becomes available.

The Driving Instructor shall be entitled to withdraw the use of the car for the purpose of the driving test if he/she reasonably believes that your driving has failed to reach a satisfactory standard. In such circumstances you will forfeit your test fee. This is necessary to protect other road users, yourself and the car.

Short refreshment breaks may form part of daily tuition period.


Pupils Obligations

  1. You must be able to satisfy the driving test eyesight requirements i.e. you must be able to read a number plate (with glasses or contact lenses if normally worn) at 20 metres, or 20.5 metres with the old style number plates.
  2. You must supply to the Driving School at the commencement of the course your driving licence or old-style paper licence accompanied by a valid UK Passport. If you fail to produce a valid driving licence the Driving School cannot by law permit you to drive a car, and accordingly your Booking will be lost. No refund can be made in this case.
  3. You must satisfy the DVLA/DVSA requirements regarding residency and eligibility requirements.
  4. You must attend your lessons on time. Failure to do so will result in your losing time and the Driving School has no obligation in such circumstances to add time to the end of your lesson to make up for late arrival.
  5. You must attend for each lesson in a fit state. That is free from alcohol, drugs or any other state that might affect your ability to drive. The final judgement on this is with your instructor. No refunds will be made if the day’s drive has to be cancelled due to the pupil being unfit to drive.
  6. No refund of fees will be made if the pupil cancels their course within 14 days of commencement of the course, or if the pupil misses individual lessons.
  7. You must declare any disability or condition which may affect your ability to drive, or to take advantage of the intensive tuition.
  8. Since under 18’s are not deemed legally responsible to do so, a parent or guardian will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions above.